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maritime DC & PPE Information Center

SWOS Learning Site Norfolk – Norfolk, Virginia
Building N-30, NAVSTA Norfolk (
third deck)


Course Offered

  • Damage Control Assistant Senior Enlisted

**** Course convening dates are also listed in CANTRAC ****
         CIN: A-4G-1111 and CDP: 02GP


Contact Info

  • 757-445-2781
  • 757-445-2786
  • 757-445-2669

SWOS_DCASE@navy.mil  Primary e-mail contact for DCASE Instructors

Mailing Address

SWOS Learning Site, Norfolk
1474 Gilbert Street Bldg N30
Norfolk, VA 23511-2612

Damage Control Training Department (Code N744)

  • LT C. Thomas (Officer in Charge)
  • LT C. Howard (USCG)
  • CWO4 F. Harris (Course Coordinator)
  • DCC (SW/AW) M. Smith (LCPO)
  • DCC (SW/AW) M. Lewis (MWR Coordinator)


  • One primary classroom
  • Damage Investigation and Shipboard Training Aid room
  • DC Central (with the ability to be configured for any surface ship in the fleet)
  • DC Repair Station
  • Gas Free Engineering confined space trainer
  • Emergency vertical rescue equipment
  • CBR Decontamination Station and IPE Storage System
  • NAVSEA supported:
    • Damage Control Action Management Software (DCAMS)
    • Damage Control Tactical Management System (DCTMS)
    • Flooding Casualty Control Software (FCCS)
    • Digital shipboard damage control diagrams and general plans
  • Distributed storage in passageways
  • Fire Fighting Installed Systems static displays
  • Fire Fighting and Buttercup trainers (separate commands)
  • USCG Workstation III Computer Access

Damage Control Assistant Senior Enlisted (DCASE)

LENGTH: 35 Days
Student Information (DOC File - 31 KB)


  • DC Organization and Administration
  • Practical Damage Control
  • Stability and Buoyancy
  • Fire Fighting
  • CBRN-D
  • Gas Free Engineering


  • DCQ
  • FCCS
  • Digital DC Diagrams
  • Digital General Plans
  • Internet Resources Lab


  • DCTT Drill Development, Execution and Evaluation Practical (Four times throughout course)
  • Fire Fighting School – Buttercup
  • De-smoking Lab
  • Gas Free Engineering Lab
  • CBR Detection and Decontamination Lab
  • Confined Space Rescue Lab
  • USN and/or USCG brief with  ATG, INSURV, MLC, etc. (For observation/learning purposes only as availability and scheduling permit)

Scope of DCASE Course

Introduction and Administration

  • Welcome and Staff Introduction Brief
  • Class Advisor Brief
    • Course Academic Policy
    • Facility Information
    • Watchstanding DC

Organization and Administration

  • DCA and Senior Enlisted Duties and Responsibilities
  • Shipboard DC Organization
  • QA, 3M, DCPO Programs
  • WTD and other maintenance
  • Shipboard Training and PQS
  • Schools
  • Internet Resources Lab
  • Introduction to DCTT
  • Relieving Procedures

Practical DC

  • Fittings and Material Conditions
  • General Quarters, Condition I DC
  • Condition II DC
  • Communications
  • Emergency Procedures
  • DC Systems Familiarization (from digital DC plates)
  • Personnel Casualties
  • Operational Risk Management
  • Rescue and Assistance
  • First DCTT Drill Development
  • Buttercup

Stability and Buoyancy

  • Laws and Fundamentals of Stability
  • Weight Shifts and Free Water Effects
  • Ballasting and Deballasting
  • Trim and Draft Considerations
  • Docking and Maneuvering Concerns and Procedures
  • Survivability design considerations
  • Flooding Control and Immediate DC actions, when stability is catastrophically/significantly reduced
  • Second DCTT Drill Development


  • Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Weapons Information
  • Detection, Monitoring and Surveying Equipment
  • Individual Protective Equipment, including shipboard IPE storage
  • Shipboard Protective Measures
  • Decontamination Procedures
  • CBRN Bill, Inventory, and Drills
  • MOPP levels
  • Basic familiarization with USCG and USN WMD detection equipment used during vessel inspections and boardings

Fire Fighting

  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Fire Fighting Methods and Strategy
  • Portable Extinguishers
  • AFFF, Halon, CO2, APC, and Range Guard Systems
  • Magazine Sprinkling Systems
  • Main Space Fires and Doctrine
  • Flight Deck Fires
  • Obstructed Fires (large deck ships)
  • Third DCTT Drill Development

Gas Free Engineering

  • GFE Personnel Duties and Responsibilities
  • Hazardous Atmospheres and Materials
  • Reports, Records and Program Management
  • GFE Equipment
  • Respiratory Protection
  • Tank Cleaning
  • CHT System
  • Vertical Rescue equipment
  • GFE while performing a vessel boarding


  • Fourth DCTT Drill Development (Mass Conflagration)
  • Guest Speakers from:
    • ATG
    • INSURV
    • 3M Corporation
    • NAVSEA
    • Prior DCASE Graduate (who has “been on the job” for approximately 12 months)
    • Former major casualties (USS Cole, USS Samuel B. Roberts, etc.)