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maritime DC & PPE Information Center
Watertight Door and Closure Support

Watertight closures are doors, hatches, scuttles and covers. Watertight closures are key passive damage control elements for a ship's ability to resist damage and flooding, and maintain the highest degree of watertight integrity. If a leak occurs in a compartment, closing all the doors, hatches, scuttles or other means of access helps box the casualty damage, seal the space and limit the spread of damage through progressive flooding.

NSTM Chapter 600 is broken up into three volumes. NSTM CHAPTER 600 VOLUME 1 Rev 3 STRUCTURAL CLOSURES 03 S9086-UF-STM-010 covers structural closures. NSTM CHAPTER 600 VOLUME 2 Rev 0 NON-STRUCTURAL CLOSURES 00 S9086-UF-STM-020 covers non structural closures. NSTM CHAPTER 600 VOLUME 3 Rev 0 HULL OUTFITTING EQUIPMENT 00 S9086-UF-STM-03 covers hull fitting equipment.  

Sections covered by NSTM 600 are broken down as follows:

NSTM 600 Volume 1 - Structural Closures

Section 1: General Information

Section 2: Doors, Non-Ballistic, Watertight And Airtight, Steel And Aluminum

Section 3: Ballistic Doors

Section 4: Door Latches

Section 5: Non Ballistic Hatches

Section 6: Ballistic Hatches

Section 7: Non Ballistic Scuttles

Section 8: Ballistic Scuttles

Section 9: Manhole Covers


 STM 600 Volume 2 - Non Structural Closures
 Section 10: Introduction
 Section 11: Balanced Joiner Doors
 Section 12: Firezone Doors and Fumetight Doors
 Section 13: Sound Insulated Acoustic Doors
 Section 14: Non-Tight Joiner Door
 Section 15: Surface Ship Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning Systems (HVAC) Fittings
 Used For Damage Control and Ship Survivability

NSTM 600 Volume 3 - Hull Outfitting Equipment
Section 16: Introduction
Section 17: Ladders, Accommodation Ladders, Brows, Inclined Ladders, Vertical Ladders
      Pilots Ladders, Jacob’s Ladders, Side Ladders, Embarkation Ladders
Section 18: Personnel Safety Protection, Climber Safety Rail System, Life rails, Lifelines,
      and Guard line Assemblies. Safety Nets
Section 19: Miscellaneous Equipment - Airports and Fixed Port lights, Windows, Non-Icing,
      Electrically Heated, Window Wiper Systems

For more information see the Index.

This NSTM is to be best guidance document for the watertight closure information. Each section provides general safety requirements, purpose, description and types of equipment, inspection, repair, and replacement of the equipment.