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Miscellaneous Sprinkler System


Miscellaneous seawater sprinkler systems are normally installed in spaces where the quantity and combustibility of materials present is high enough that, should a fire occur in these materials, hose line attack would not succeed in preventing compartment burnout and major damage. These systems may be installed in certain spaces including incinerator rooms, dry stores cargo holds, storerooms, cargo holding areas, living spaces, aviation tire storerooms, flammable gas cylinder storerooms, lubricating oil store-rooms, trash compactor rooms, paint spray rooms and paint spray booths, solid and plastic waste reprocessing rooms, rubber and plastic shops, and other high fire risk spaces.


There are two types:

Manual Dry Type Miscellaneous Sprinkling System. The manual dry type sprinkler system does not contain seawater down-stream of the normally-closed sprinkling control valve when the system is inactive. Dry-type systems are actuated by ship’s force manually opening the normally-closed sprinkler control valve, allowing seawater to flow to the sprinkler piping.  Dry type systems represent older designs, that were commonly found in flammable gas cylinder storerooms and aviation tire storerooms.


 Automatic Wet Type Miscellaneous Sprinkling System. The automatic wet type  miscellaneous sprinkler systems contain seawater throughout the piping down to the sprinkler heads. The sprinklers are the closed head type and will actuate automatically when exposed to heat. These systems automatically detect heat, initiate an alarm in Damage Control Central and begin suppression.


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