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Firefighter Ladder Safety System (LSS)

The Firefighter Ladder Safety System (LSS) provides continuous fall protection for firefighters when climbing or descending machinery space escape trunk ladders during vertical entry firefighting or during training exercises. The equipment components are a Bolt-on Alteration installed on existing ladder rungs in main and auxiliary machinery space escape trunks.

The Firefighter LSS consists of a rigid rail bolted to the escape trunk ladder; a carrier sleeve which slides along the rail, connects the user to the rail and grips the rail if the user slips. A waist belt worn by the user which connects to the carrier sleeve, and a removable rail extension for closure of escape trunk hatches. The Firefighter LSS complies with OSHA and ANSI Standards for a Ladder Safety System.

For more detailed information on installation, use and maintenance of the LSS, refer to technical manual, NAVSEA S9623-AE-MMO-010 FIREFIGHTER LADDER SAFETY SYSTEM (LSS)  or see AEL 2-930095002, Firefighter Ladder Safety System for ship allowance.

Major components of the LSS include:


Drawing of ladder rail Drawing of carrier sleeve
Drawing of waist harness
Image of Sailor using LSS

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