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Damage Control Communications (Updated 8APR13)

The ability to make correct and timely damage control tactical management decisions is based upon accurate knowledge of the entire casualty situation. Casualty situational knowledge is obtained through the collection, processing and passing of data through effective communications to key decision makers. DC communications provides the glue for rapid response, coordination and action from members at the scene to the DC Repair Stations to DC Central. It provides information to the rest of the ship so that the ship’s mission may be carried out even after damage. It also provides for the coordination in inter-ship rescue and assistance scenarios.

Damage Control Communications is part of the overall shipboard communications system and varies between ship classes and hulls. Many casualty situations require the ship to shift, rebuild and recover pieces of damaged or lost damage control communications in order to combat the effects of damage spread. Damage control communication features are available within the specific shipboard communication system.

SPAWARSYSCEN Atlantic Wireless IPT Code 831 provides a quarterly newsletter “WIRELESS COMMUNICATOR” electronically to fleet reps and the Ships EMO/ CSMO wireless voice systems maintainers on the various types of shipboard wireless communications.  Additionally there is excellent updated DC Communication information to help assist the damage control community.  To get on the automatic email distribution,  please contact the ISEA at SSC-CH.WCS@navy.mil 

Damage control communications categories include:

Installed Wired Communication Systems

Installed Wireless Communication Systems



Local PPE Face Piece Communications


Written Damage Control Communication

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