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Carbon Dioxide (CO2) System


There are two types of installed carbon dioxide systems onboard Navy ships: total flooding systems and CO2 hose reels. The CO2 total flooding system is manually actuated except in a few special applications when it is automatically actuated by detection of heat, flame or smoke. Upon actuation, the pressurized CO2 storage cylinders discharge through piping and nozzles into the protected space. When discharged into the space, a large portion of the liquid CO2 flashes to vapor and the rest is converted to fine dry-ice particles. The operation of the CO2 hose reel is entirely manual.


Image of CO2 Space Coverages

CO2 Space Coverages

Image of CO2 System Overview

CO2 System Overview


Image of CO2 Discharge into the Space

CO2 Discharge into the Space

Image of Activation from Outside the Space

Activation from Outside the Space


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