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Aqueous Potassium Carbonate (APC) System


APC fire extinguishing systems protect galley deep fat and doughnut fryers and their exhaust systems on ships and submarines. APC is specifically formulated to extinguish fires in the reservoirs by combining with the hot cooking oil to form a combustion-resistant soap layer, thereby cutting off the grease from its source of oxygen. There is little or no cooling with APC. Each system includes one or two cylinders filled with a solution of potassium carbonate in water pressurized with compressed nitrogen. Discharge piping from the cylinder leads to one or more nozzles, which spray the solution into the cooking oil reservoirs, along the galley hood plenum or up into the galley hood exhaust duct. A spring-tensioned cable keeps the system inactive. Releasing the tension in any of several ways releases nitrogen from a pressurized cartridge, which opens the lever control heads and releases the aqueous potassium carbonate.


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