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Flooding Casualty Control Software (FCCS)


Flooding Casualty Control Software (FCCS) is a shipboard engineering decision aid for use by the ship’s DCA for ship load management and stability evaluation.  

 FCCS is designed to:

* Calculate and evaluate the ship's attitude, hydrostatic properties, stability and strength status

* Model  a ship's loads (dry loads, liquid loads, ice loads, crane lifts, wind loads) and track them over time

* Evaluate the effects of flooding on stability and strength

* Evaluate longitudinal strength in various sea states

* Evaluate the effects of structural damage on longitudinal strength

FCCS is based on the ship's current inclining experiment. [Note: An "inclining experiment" consists of moving known weights certain specified distances across the deck and recording the angles of heel produced. The data is used to calculate the vertical position of the center of gravity.] Once the CD is received, the program is validated through a comprehensive weight-verification walk-through.

FCCS is managed at NSWCCD Code 844.  For software support and technical assistance, email:

nswccd_fccs_supp.fct@navy.mil or call 301-277-0033