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Advanced Damage Control System (ADCS) / Damage Control Action Management Software (DCAMS) / Damage Control Tactical Management System (DCTMS)

Advanced Damage Control System (ADCS)
ADCS provides the Fleet with advanced communications, upgraded monitoring & control of DC systems, electronic and rapid plotting, video input (where avail), along with Tactical and Technical decision making tools. While not a DC control; input from PACC, EPCC, and MCS allows DC to rapidly access the health of the ship (power, water, air) during a survivability crisis.

Damage Control Action Management Software (DCAMS)
DCAMS software is the key for electronic plotting of casualties. DCAMS uses mounted laptops in Damage Control Central (DCC/CCS), in Damage Control Repair Stations (DCRS), and in the general workshop (admin/maintenance). DCAMS provides the user with the capability to plot using a universal symbology standard or icons that represent all types of fire, smoke, flooding, and other damage. The symbology also uses icons to represent the various teams and individuals in the DCRS to allow for situational awareness of personnel. DCAMS other features include:    Icons that represent all boundaries for a casualty    Icons that represent Safety and GFE operations on the ship    Check-lists that provide a “step-by-step” procedure for fighting most casualties Kill card information (must be populated by ships force) Links to electronic DC plates allowing the user to toggle back and forth between DCAMS    Displays NTTP color coded spaces    Displays Tanks and Void spaces    Has additional “Information Boxes” for every icon    For additional features see “DCAMS Technical Manual” DCAMS has several versions currently in the Fleet. See Index for a compete breakdown
Damage Control Action Management Software (DCAMS): For Carriers
DCAMS for Carriers is essentially the same as the software installed on other ships, however, the Carriers have an additional software that works in conjunction with DCAMS called Damage Control Quarters (DCQ). DCQ provides the Carriers with Damage Control (DC) alarms integration, SCBA timers and an integrated Chat feature. Other features can be found in the Tech Manual (B03_000_S5090-CP-MMO-010: Advanced damage Control System for Smart Carrier).
Damage Control Tactical Management System (DCTMS)
DCTMS uses DCAMS as the heart of the management system while providing the sailor with additional tactical software. With a modeling capability the sailor can see how fire, smoke, or flooding may spread during a casualty. That predicted damage can then be imported into an additional software that helps build a training package based off of the damage spread. By adding or deleting individual impositions the training package is tailored to the desired level of training. The package is then automatically imported into DCAMS where the Damage Control Training Team (DCTT) Leader can apply the impositions into a DCTT briefing presentation. Listing of software for DCTMS: •DCAMS •Damage Modeler (DM): Visual depiction of damage spread •Training Admin (TA): Provides the user with assistance in developing a drill package DCTMS has several versions of DCAMS, DM, and TA currently in the Fleet. See Index for a complete breakdown.
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