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The FFG 0007 Class is a 3 Damage Control Repair Station (DCRS)  hull. See FFG 0007 Scoresheet May 2010.pdf for list of damage control AELs and column number. Change requests must be submitted to NAVSEA Damage Control Office.


The DCOSIMS configuration baseline is contained in the following excel workbooks. 










Workbooks contain a worksheet which displays the applicable AELs that are contained.  Each AEL has its own worksheet which depicts the AEL (kit), associated NIINs/NICNs (items) and allowance.  Workbooks should be saved to ship hard drive or network, adding the Ship Hull to filename for identification purposes, i.e., FFG 47 DCRS-2.xls.   After the applicable workbooks have been saved, they should be printed out and provided to appropriate personnel for inventory.   After completion of inventory, workbooks should be updated to reflect current onboard allowance and submitted to the NAVSEA Damage Control Office to maintain your off ship data library.