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DC-OSIMS (Damage Control Inventory Management Software)
DC OSIMS software package was the damage control spaces logistics support management tool designed to monitor onboard allowances of materials and equipment, shortages or excess asset determination within the ship's damage control spaces (DCRS, DCUPS, DCUL, DCREL). DC OSIMS meets TYCOM inspection requirements because it uses the same information found on DC AELs. Key features include:
  • Automated means to inventory DC equipment and cross check between DC spaces
  •  Summary equipment status reports of excesses and shortages
  • Ordering information
  • Equipment inventory aid sheets for the inventory managers.

DC OSIMS has migrated into a Microsoft Excel format for each class of ship.  This allows for quicker and more efficient update between DC OSIMS and AEL changes.   The intent is to update the excel sheets once a year to have them sinked up with the DC AEL and the DC equipment areas on the web. The format allows for an inventory aid sheet for local recording in the spaces. Links to go to the pdfs for the DC AELS or the DC Equipment Kit pictures
To DOWNLOAD DC OSIMS this updates, select your Class.

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