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Damage Control Rapid Plotting Tip 001
NSTM Changes
(Standard Symbology for Damage Control Manual Casualty Reporting and Plotting)

079-B-1.2 PREPRINTED MESSAGE FORMAT USE. The preprinted message blanks are used as a backup method of communications between DCC, DC repair stations and scene leaders as illustrated below. Preprinted message blanks are available for all major ship classes including Theater Surface Combatants, DDG’s, DD’s, LPD’s, LSD’s, LPD-17, CVN/CV’s, LHA’s, LHD’s, MCM’s, MHC’s, AS’s and ARS’s. The mandatory information required on all these standard message blanks includes the following:

  1. Each message blank contains five sections
    1. Address section
    2. Casualty space location within ship section
    3. Casualty location within space section
    4. Boundaries section
    5. Casualty report section
  2. Damage should be pinpointed. When applicable, include:
    1. Compartment
    2. Frame
    3. Location
    4. Boundaries
  3. All messages must indicate both sender and receiver.
  4. Only one report per message blank.

TSC Message Blank (Prototype)

Image of TSC Message Blank (Prototype)

CVN/CV Message Blank (Prototype)

Image of CVN Message Blank (Prototype)

LPD-17 Message Blank (Prototype)

Image of LPD-17 Message Blank (Prototype)

LPD- Message Blank (Prototype)

Image of LPD- Message Blank (Prototype)

LSD- Message Blank (Prototype)

Image of LSD- Message Blank (Prototype)

LHD- Message Blank (Prototype)

Image of LHD- Message Blank (Prototype)

LHA- Message Blank (Prototype)

Image of LHA- Message Blank (Prototype)

DDG- Message Blank (Prototype)

Image of DDG- Message Blank (Prototype)

DD- Message Blank (Prototype)

Image of DD- Message Blank (Prototype)

AS- Message Blank (Prototype)

Image of AS- Message Blank (Prototype)

MCM- Message Blank (Prototype)

Image of MCM- Message Blank (Prototype)

MHC- Message Blank (Prototype)

Image of Column Method

ARS- Message Blank (Prototype)

Image of Column Method