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est #03-007, Handles and Wheels Kit for Damage Control Generator



TEST NUMBER: 03-007 DATE: 30 July 2003
TEST TITLE: Handles and Wheels Kit for Damage Control Generator
Hank Kuzma
Creig Beck
RESULTS: Testing yielded the following results:
  1. Installation of handles and wheels was easy to do. Total installation time took between 10 and 15 minutes. The handles were installed to the generator frame using two bolts tightened with an Allen wrench. No drilling was required. To mount the wheels the generator was placed upon a wooden block to elevate the bottom frame to permit wheel installation. The wheels were bolted to the bottom frame using manufacturer drilled holes. See enclosed pictures. When the kit is installed it fits nicely within the existing footprint of the frame.
  2. Installation of the handles and wheels greatly improved the mobility of the generator and simplified overall generator set-up. Additionally, the wheel and handle set prevents scraping of the deck and gives one person the ability to move the equipment vice needing two or three persons to move the generator.
STATUS: Completed
EQUIPMENT NAME: Handles and Wheels Kit for the Pramac Generator Set Model ES5500-X
EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURER: Equipment provided from Coastal Systems Station, Panama City
  1. DESCRIPTION OF EQUIPMENT: Two handles and wheel set bolt to frame improving overall mobility of the generator.
  2. TEST OBJECTIVES: 1) Evaluate installation procedures. 2) Evaluate kit impact on mobility of generator.
  3. RECOMMENDATION: Recommend backfit installation for each unit in service.

Image of DC Generator before wheels installed Image of DC Generator before handles installed Image of DC Generator showing installation of wheels Image of DC Generator with wheels installed Image of DC Generator with installed handles