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Damage Control Engineering Test Facility (DCETF)
The DCETF complex is located
at the Navy Operational Support Center (NOSC) Baltimore, formerly the Naval Reserve Center (NRC) Baltimore, and provides the Navy with a flexible, cost-effective facility to simulate and evaluate ship structure, equipment and procedures in multiple damage conditions. It is used to conduct exercises, perform tests of Damage Control equipment and validate/develop new damage control tactical procedures. The simulated procedures and damage conditions include gaining compartment access, investigation, flooding, pipe damage, hull damage, cable damage, personnel tracking and rescue, smoke spread, emergency communications and plotting while using Damage Control Action Management Software (DCAMS). The NRC Baltimore DCAMS takes the DCETF complex and overlays it into a ship profile.

The DCETF complex has an inside Damage Control Trainer (DCT) facility and an outside Damage Control Engineering Test Facility (DCETF). Damage control response actions are monitored and controlled from the Operations Control Room or the ship's simulated Damage Control Central. The facility can run a one- or two-DCRS scenario and accommodates up to twenty personnel in response teams.The DCETF augments Naval Reserve shipboard damage control training and has been approved by the Military Sealift Command to conduct damage control training to meet STCW-95 requirements.

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