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Fire Protective Gear (FPG) (For submarine use)
NSN 4210-01-468-5528 - Small Regular
(PP - Gear, Fire Protective)
NSN 4210-01-468-5551 - Medium Regular
(PP - Gear, Fire Protective)
NSN 4210-01-468-5565 - Large Regular
(PP - Gear, Fire Protective)
NSN 4210-01-468-5671 - XL Regular
(PP - Gear, Fire Protective)
NSN 4210-01-468-5673 - XL Long
(PP - Gear, Fire Protective)
NSN 1HS0000-LL-CQA-7277 - Total Qty FPG
(PP - Gear, Fire Protectve)

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The fire protective gear (FPG) is a one-piece jumpsuit style coverall. The special design includes an outer shell, a vapor barrier and an inner fire-retardant thermal liner. The FPG has reinforced leather on the knees, bottom of the thigh pockets and at the bottom of the legs. Because of heavy and dense smoke or dim lighting during a shipboard fire, added safety recognition for the firefighter is enhanced with reflective markings around the upper arms, lower legs and torso. These reflective markings highlight the outline of the firefighter. The FPG is provided in five sizes: small-regular, medium-regular, large-regular, XL-regular and XL-long. The FPG is worn by firefighting and damage control personnel as protection against heat, short duration flame (flash) exposure, smoke and hot steam or water to a limited degree. The FPG coverall weighs about 5 pounds depending on the exact size and weighs significantly more when wet. The FPG is certified to NFPA 1971, Standard on Protective Ensemble for Structural Fire Fighting 1997 Edition.

Coveralls are provided in the firefighting/access personnel kit.

Firefighter's coveralls are to be used until no longer serviceable, then replaced with the FPG.

Image of Replacement - Fire Protective Gear (front and back views)
Replacement – Fire Protective Gear

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