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Firefighter’s Hood (For submarine use)
NSN 8415-01-462-7670
(PP - Hood, Fireman's)



The firefighter’s hood can be identified by its large, flared bib and gold color (similar to the color of the fire protective gear). The FF hood is manufactured from a two-layer knit, the outer layer PBI/Kevlar and the inner layer PBI/FR Rayon.

The FF hood is worn as part of the firefighting ensemble (FFE). It is provided to protect the head, ears, neck and face, except the eyes, from heat and short duration flash. This heat and flash protection is enhanced by wearing the FF hood beneath the firefighter's helmet. The FF hood is more durable, offers more protection than the current anti-flash hoods and is lengthened for better neck and shoulder protection to the FFE wearer. It is one size fits all and weigh 4 ounces each.

The FF hood carries the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) label in accordance with the NFPA Standard on Protective Ensemble for Structural Fire Fighting NFPA 1971-2000 edition, and it is certified for performance by Underwriter Laboratory. The FF hood is not stocked in the supply system; the NSN (8415-01-462-7670) is assigned with an acquisition advice code “L” (local purchase) and should be locally procured from approved authorized manufacturers. For ordering information see FF Hood Tip 001: Commercially Available Firefighter’s Hood.Length (from top of head to neck): 13 in.Width (from back seam to top of face): 9 in. Overall Hood Length (from top of head to bottom of apron): 22 in.



FF hoods are provided in the firefighting/access personnel kit.



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