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Flash Hood (For submarine use)

(NSN 4210-01-493-4694)

(GQ Anti-Flash Hood)

Image of old and new GQ anti-flash hoods with arrow pointing from old to new hood.

The new GQ anti-flash hood (NSN 4210-01-493-4694) can be identified by its straight tube shape and gray heather color. This hood is manufactured from two layers of Kevlar/FR Rayon. It is considerably more durable and costs less than the previous brown colored anti-flash hood. This new GQ anti-flash hood is a phased replacement to the current anti-flash hood. The existing anti-flash hood (brown color) can still be worn for GQ until stock is depleted. All new requisitions must specify the new GQ anti-flash and NSN, as stated above.

Procurement can be either through the POPS system or directly from the authorized distributors listed below by region:

  1. Safety Equipment Company (SEC)
    Customer Service 1-800-226-4732
    Zones 1 and 2, Region East Contract Number SP0500-99-0020
    Zone 1, Region West and Central Contract Number SP0500-D0059
  2. Lion Vallen Industries (LVI)
    Customer Service 1-888-848-5599
    Zone 3, Region East Contract Number SP0500-D-0021
    Zone 2, Region West and Central Contract Number SP0500-99-D-0060

The new GQ anti-flash hood will carry the National Fire Protection Association Label and certified for performance by Underwriters Laboratory.

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