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maritime DC & PPE Information Center
personnel protection


                        AEL's for Submarine PPE

                        Anti Flash Gloves / Index

                        Anti Flash Hood / Index

                        Emergency Air Breathing (EAB) System, Stations and MaskUnit / Index

                        Firefighter Ensemble

                             Firefighter Protective Garment (FPG) / Index

                             Firefighter Gloves / Index

                             Firefighter Hood / Index

                        SCBA and SCBA Cylinders

                        SEIE Suit / Index

                        Submarine Steam Suit Ensemble / Index

                        Submarine Topside Safety PPE

     Head Protection Equipment

                             Life Preservers

                                  Inherently Buoyant Type | Features / Index

                                  Inflatable Life Preservers

                                      MK-1 Vest Type | Vest Features | Shell Features / Index

                          Life Preserver Accessories                                    
                                 Chemical Lights
                                 Cyalume S.O. S Light
                                 Distress Marker Lights (DMLs)                              
                                 Man Overboard Indicator (MOBI) - NAVSEA 05Z/ Index
                                 Personnel Marker Light (PML)                     

                                 Sea Dye Marker

                                 Type of Life Preserver Inflators  PDF/DOC  

                             Swimmer Harness and Tending Lines

                             Life Ring Buoy / Index

                             Safety Harnesses and Lanyards / Index