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Sea Dye Marker (i.e. Fluorescent Sea Marker) (NSN 6850-00-270-9986) (For submarine use)


The Sea Dye Marker (i.e. Fluorescent Sea Marker) is used on the Inherently Buoyant and the MK-1 life preservers.  This marker comes in a yellow vinyl heat-sealed double pouch and contains a fluorescent green dye which spreads over the surface of the water  to increase ones likelihood of being seen during daylight hours.

After the Sea Dye Marker is removed from the pocket, pull the tab to release fluorescent dye and mark a very large surface area. The bright green pattern on the water can be seen for a mile or more and lasts for 30 to 40 minutes. Wind and the choppiness of the water will affect the shape of the fluorescent dye pattern.  The sea dye marker should only be implemented during daylight.  When not in use, it is stowed in the lower pocket of the life preserver with the Man Overboard Indicator.