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Safety Harnesses and Lanyards (For submarine use)

There are two types of safety harnesses that are authorized for shipboard use.

The first type is the crossover style full body harness. The crossover style full body harness uses shoulder straps crossing in the dorsal area where the dorsal D-ring is attached. The crossover design eliminates the need for a horizontal chest strap to hold the shoulder straps in place and eliminates the need for a waist belt. This design allows a greater freedom of motion and provides a greater level of protection in the event of an arrested all. Side D-rings are provided for use in fall restraint. The leg straps use tongue and buckle leg straps for ease in adjusting among several users.

The lanyard used for the crossover style harness is a double-leg (or Y) tieback safety lanyard that provides a means of 100 percent tie-off at all times. Self locking snap hooks require two distinct motions to attach the snap hook to an anchorage. A shock absorber which activates at approximately 450 pounds of force extends up to 42 inches while arresting a freefall by absorbing the energies of a fall.

The second type is the parachute type safety harness.  The parachute type safety harness that consists of two frontal straps held in place by a horizontal connecting chest strap. The frontal straps pass over the shoulders and cross at the dorsal region of the back where the dorsal D-ring is positioned. From the dorsal region, these straps continue to the left and right leg straps. A waist belt passed through loops of the frontal straps and dorsal straps completes the ensemble. The waist belt is.fitted with side D-rings for work positioning and a frontal D-ring for use with the climber safety rail system. The leg straps, chest strap, and waist belt is connected and adjusted by friction buckles. Adjustments are made to the shoulder straps using a friction adjuster.

The lanyard used with the parachute style safety harness is made of braided nylon rope with spliced thimbles. A Dynabrake decelerating device designed to activate at 400 pounds of force and lengthen up to 42 inches is attached to one end of the nylon rope. Double locking snaphooks complete the lanyard. The required length of the lanyard is 6 feet.


The safety harnesses and lanyards from the manufacturers that are authorized for use onboard U.S. Navy ships are listed below : 

  • DBI/SALA Crossover Type Safety Harness
  • MSA Crossover Type Safety Harness
  • French Creek Crossover Type Safety Harness
  • MSA/Rose Parachute Type Safety Harness (No longer procurable, phased out and should be replaced with one of the crossover types.) 


All the safety harnesses have also been approved for submarine use. However, only the existing safety lanyard from Mine Safety Appliances(Part Number 501195/NSN 4240-00-022-2521) and the working lanyard (NSN 4240-00-022-2518) are authorized for submarines. Users shall order the Mine Safety Appliance lanyard directly from the manufacturer and not use NSN 4240-00-022-2521.

Harnesses that have an NSN of 4240-00-022-2522 whose manufacturer is not Mine Safety Appliances or Rose Manufacturing should not be used.

NOTE: Components should not be interchanged between manufacturers.


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