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Emergency Air Breathing (EAB) Systems, Stations and Mask Unit  (For submarine use)
The Emergency Air Breathing (EAB) system supplies clean, filtered air at 100 psig for use with hoses and face masks if the atmosphere becomes contaminated by smoke, toxic vapors, fumes, gases or dust. EAB stations are permanently installed. Sufficient emergency air breathing manifolds are provided to allow watch personnel and personnel engaged in damage control and emergency situations for an extended stay in a compartment containing unbreathable air, move about and perform their duties even when there is poor visibility. The EAB stations are clearly labeled with posted operating instructions. The EAB mask plugs into the EAB stations for emergency breathing air supply. Also onboard submarines, the air-line mask is to be used by first responders on the scene for firefighting until relieved by damage control personnel wearing SCBAs.
When emergency breathing air is required because of environmental contamination, the face mask with its attached demand regulator is donned, and the hose is connected to the manifold. The demand regulator supplies air to the mask as the wearer inhales. If necessary, movement between stations is possible by disconnecting from one manifold and connecting to another manifold or by connecting to the buddy connection on another wearer’s demand regular. The dual action filters provide filtered air to the EAB manifolds.

            Emergency Air Breathing (EAB) Station
            EAB Mask Unit
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