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SCBA Tip 036 (Updated 21 APR 2011)
SCBA Warranty and Corrective Maintenance

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This tip is intended to provide corrective maintenance clarification for the SCBA found in the Technical Manual (S6220-EN-MMO-010, rev 3) in chapter 1.

The SCBA has an 8 year "bumper-to-bumper" warranty with the exception of the primary pressure reducer (aka first stage regulator), which has a 15 year warranty. Electronics, such as the voice amp or Heads-Up Display (HUD), are under a one-year warranty. As with most warranties, it does not cover obvious abuse. A more detailed explanation of the warranty can be found in the SCBA Technical Manual (S6220-EN-MMO-010, rev 3) under paragraph 1.8.

As a guide as to whether ships force (S/F) should repair SCBA or use the warranty (if unit is within warranty, see chapter 1 of SCBA TM for age determination), S/F should attempt to replace O-rings and soft goods at the major subassembly connections IAW the SCBA TM. If leaks are experienced within the primary pressure reducer, bell alarm, pressure indicator, or other major assemblies at locations not identified in the illustrated parts breakdown section of the SCBA TM (CH 7), the SCBA should be sent for warranty repair.
Any malfunction of the subassemblies, such as vibralert, HUD, broken electrical connections in the HUD, etc, requires use of the warranty. For SCBA outside of warranty period, S/F shall either have the major subassemblies (regulator, pressure reducer, high pressure hose, et al) repaired by authorized service centers or order replacement subassemblies in order to repair SCBA backpack. Under no circumstances shall parts removed from one SCBA be used to repair another SCBA.

To make use of the warranty, contact:
SCOTT Health and Safety
Service Department
Robert Fleming:  RFleming@tycoint.com, Tel: 704.207.2662

Keith Shaffer:  kshaffer@tycoint.com, Tel: 1 800 247-7257 x8481
Comm: 800-247-7257

Make sure to mention USN affiliation and location, if able. Scott may request SCBA, facepiece, or cylinder be shipped to depot, but they may also direct warranty work to a local service center.
Shipboard Personnel within the Navy may also request additional assistance, clarification, and understanding by contacting:
Tommy Hosea
NSWC Panama City
Extreme Environments Life Support Branch Code E14
110 Vernon Avenue
Panama City, FL 32407
Email: thomas.hosea@navy.mil
Comm: 850-234-4422
DSN: 436-4422

It is important to have a non-FPO shipping address at hand when calling OEM for warranty repair. Scott will assign a Return Authorization (RA) number for each warranty repair. Tag each piece of equipment requiring repair with a description of the problem and include the RA number on all tags and shipping documents. Scott will repair equipment and cover the return shipping to the address you provide. The ship-to address to Depot is:
SCOTT Health and Safety
4320 Goldmine Road
Monroe, NC 28110