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maritime DC & PPE Information Center
personnel protection

INCLEMENT WEATHER PROTECTION - Individual Protection Group at Navy Clothing and Textile Research Facility (NCTRF)

                        Wet Weather Protection

                                    Parka, Wet Weather

                                    Trouser, Wet Weather

                                    Boots, Wet Weather

                        Cold Weather Protection

Glove Inserts, Cold Weather

Hood, Cold Weather

Drawers, Cold Weather

Jacket, Cold Weather,  CVC (Green aramid oxford)

Jacket, Cold Weather,  CVC (Tan, aramid. Heat resistant)

Mitten Shells, Men’s

Undershirt, Cold Weather

Undershirt, Man’s

Drawers, Men’s

 Jacket, Cold Weather (shipboard)

                        Extreme Cold Weather Protection

Mitten Set, Extreme Cold Weather

Sweater, Mans

Boots, Extreme Cold Weather

Drawers, Extreme Cold Weather, Men’s and Women’s

Socks, Extreme Cold Weather

Undershirt, Extreme Cold Weather

Gloves, Men’s and Women’s Anti-Contact

Hood, Extreme Cold Weather

Mask, Extreme Cold Weather,