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maritime DC & PPE Information Center
personnel protection

CBR DEFENSE PPE – NAVSEA 05P5   Restricted access site covers  (CBR Link Page)


Audio Frequency Amplifier, JSGPM Mask

Audio Projection Set, MCU-2 Series Mask

Belt, Web

Canister, C2A1 (for MCU-2 Series Mask)

Canteen, 1 quart (with cover and M1 cap)

Filter, M61 (for JSGPM Mask)

Glove Set, CBRN Protective

JSLIST (Joint Service Lightweight Integrated Suit Technology)

  Coat & Trousers http://www.army.mil/factfiles/equipment/nbc/jslist.html

Mask Kit, JSGPM M50

Mask Kit, MCU-2/P and MCU-2A/P

Overboot, Lightweight, CBRN

RAD Glove Inserts

Second Skin, MCU-2 Series Mask


JPACE (Joint Protective Air Crew Ensemble) Info sheet: