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NSTM 670 Manual Description

NSTM 670 AFLOAT HAZARDOUS MATERIAL CONTROL AND MANAGEMENT GUIDELINES  manual consists of three volumes and provides shipboard personnel the information necessary to manage and control Hazardous Material used aboard U.S. Navy surface ships and submarines.


Volume 1, the Afloat Hazardous Material Control and Management (HMC & M) Guidelines, provides the detailed guidance and requirements necessary for Hazardous Material Minimization Center (HAZMINCEN) storage and segregation of HM, labeling information, safety precautions, consolidation of HM for offload, offload of HM and empty HM container management, overboard discharges, oil and hazardous material spill guidance, and satellite locker inspections, .implementation and an effective shipboard Hazardous Material Control and Management Plan, known as the Consolidated Hazardous Material Reutilization and Inventory Management Program (CHRIMP).


Volume 2 the Hazardous Material User’s Guide (HMUG), provides material safety and health information to personnel responsible for using, storing, and handling chemicals grouped into the twenty HMUG groups.  The groups are referenced by ship Maintenance Requirement Cards (MRCs) and contain information concerning general information, risk assessment, material storage and compatibility, control measures/Personnel Protective Equipment (PPE), safety precautions, health hazards, spill controls, and offload guidelines.  It incorporated information formerly held in Office of the Chief of Naval Operations Instruction (OPNAVINST) 5100.28 series, the Hazardous Materials User’s Guide (HMUG).


Volume 3, HMC & M Surface Ship Standard Operation Procedure (SOP), provides guidance on HAZMINCEN operating procedures that shipboard personnel follow to centrally manage hazardous material and location onboard ships.  The goals, requirements, personnel required, and inspection criteria for CHRIMP are listed for each of the ten Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Program Elements: Organization and Manning, Main/Paint Issue, Chemical Cleaning Product Dispensing System, HM Storerooms (Flammable, Corrosive, Oxidizer, and Toxic), Order and Receiving Authorized HM, Shipboard Hazardous Materials List (SHML) Feedback Reports (SFRs), Offload and Consolidation of Used HM, Hazardous Material Spill Kit, and References.