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HMUG  is the abbreviation for Hazardous Materials Users Guide.  It was previously contained in OPNAVINST 5100.28 (21January 2005).  The information  has been  relocated  and  is currently found in NSTM 670 VOL. 2  Afloat Hazardous Material Control and Management Guidelines Hazardous Materials Users Guide (HMUG).  It provides a single comprehensive document for all afloat users about  material safety and health information to personnel responsible for using, storing, and handling chemicals organized into the twenty HMUG groups. The groups are referenced by ship Maintenance Requirement Cards (MRCs) and contain information concerning general information, risk assessment, material storage and compatibility, control measures/Personnel Protective Equipment (PPE), safety precautions, health hazards, spill controls, and offload guidelines.

PPE must be selected based on the severity of the hazard and the probability that it could happen. Within each Group there are PPE recommendations and information (respirators, hand protection, eye protection, face protection, body/skin protection, and foot protection).

  • Body/Skin Protection (CHEM) / Index                        
    • Apron/ Index                        
    • Coveralls/ Index                        
    • Coveralls, Tyvex/ Index                        
    • Oil/Fuel Splash Suit/ Index
    • Chemical Protective Suit/ Index   
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