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personnel protection

Multi-Layer Laminate Gloves.

NSN: None

SPMIG #: None  




Description: Thin (2.7 mil) Multi-Layer Laminate construction provides excellent protection against most chemicals. The laminate construction makes these gloves feel very different than the other types of gloves discussed in this matrix. Multi-Layer Laminate gloves are ambidextrous and can be worn on either hand. If desired, they can be  reused as long as they are not damaged or soiled with chemical residue, but they can be disposed of after use. These gloves are relatively delicate and can be punctured or torn more easily than other glove types. To enhance dexterity and to protect the Multi-Layer Laminate glove material, a pair of thin, disposable nitrile gloves (4 or 8 mil) should be worn as an outer layer on each hand. The nitrile outer layer should be removed and replaced if they become soiled with chemical. Several sizes of Multi-Layer Laminate gloves are available on the GSA Advantage website.



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