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personnel protection

Natural Latex Rubber Black Industrial Protective Gloves, dilute acid/base resistant, gauntlet length (about 14") NSN:  8415-00-266-8679- Size 9

NSN:  8415-00-266-8677- Size 10

NSN:  8415-00-266-8675- Size 11

SPMIG #: 00525



Description: Chemical Resistance, OK for DILUTE acids and bases (acids/bases) (Ex. Cleaning compounds). Not very good for organic solvents or oil-based chemicals (Hydraulic fluid, paint solvent, gasoline, kerosene, cleaning solvents). Latex rubber does not hold up well to exposure to chemical solvents or oil based materials (Acetone is an exception). For added protection, use disposable nitrile gloves as an under-layer.



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