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Goggles, Splash Proof or Indirect Venting

NSN: 4240-01-063-5996

SPMIG #: 10142



Description: Provide impact and splash resistance. Can be used for Painting, Priming, Stripping, or any job that may get liquid chemicals in your eyes as long as chemical isn’t a fuel, solvent, or oxidizer (see HMUG). This type of goggle has "indirect" ventilation.  The ventilation tabs act to reduce fogging while minimizing the risk of hazardous liquid entry. Since these goggles are still ventilated, hazardous gases/vapors can still easily enter. These goggles also are designed to meet the ANSI Z-87 standard for impact protection. Remember to check goggles for the "Z-87" somewhere on the item (usually the corner of the lens)!  If no "Z-87" is present, then do not use!

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