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MK-1  Life Preserver Life Preserver Vest Features  UPDATED (AUG 2012)


The MK-1 life preserver is made by Coleman/Stearns, Mustang Survival, or Eastern Switlik.  Parts are interchangeable from all three manufacturers. Users can procure a  MK-1 life preserver that has been already assembled (complete) or procure the parts that comprise the life preserver individually. 

The  pre-assembled/complete MK-1 includes the following:

  • MK- 1 outer cover
  • Inflatable bladder – yellow, 100% nylon with urethane & UV protective coating, and snaps to attach to cover
  • Distress Marker Light attached to grommet hole in cover pocket by cord. Distress Marker Light has velcro strip to allow attachment to Velcro shoulder patch
  • Whistle attached to grommet hole by cord in cover pocket
  •  Sea Dye Marker attached to grommet hole by cord in cover pocket
  •  24 gram CO2 cylinder


The auto inflator (Secumatic chemical pill and CONAX), the Man Overboard Indicator (MOBI), and crotch straps are not included.  See TIP 008 for additional information on the auto inflators,  the Man Overboard Indicators Transmitter TIP for information on the MOBI, and TIPS 13-22 on information on the crotch straps.


The individual parts for the life preserver are as follows:

MK-1 outer cover:   NSNs vary due to color and size designations

Commercial Bladder :  NSN 4220-01-487-2926

24 gram CO2 cylinder:  NSN 4220-01-487-2978

Distress Marker Light: NSN 6230-01-533-6112

Whistle:  NSN 4220-01-487-2931

Secumatic Chemical Pill Inflator NSN 4220-01-470-9906

Chemical Pills NSN 4220-01-470-9908

CONAX inflator NSN 1377-01-302-2560

Auto Inflator Battery (for CONAX): NSN 6135-01-372-5191

Portable crotch straps: NSN 4240-01-611-4387


See Allowance Equipage Lists 2-330014161 to 2-330014166 for more details (See TIP 004)


                                      Description: Image of MK-1 Life Preserver covers, showing all available colors