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Inherently Buoyant Life Preserver Tip 007

Defective Inherently Buoyant Life Preservers

NAVSEA has determined that defective Inherently Buoyant Life Preservers have been delivered to the supply system. The pocket cover for the distress marker light and whistle pocket is supposed to have a hole to allow the light to be visible when the pocket is closed (See Figure 1).    The defective life preserver has the hole over the whistle area of the pocket instead (See

Figure 2).   
       Figure 1.  Correct pocket cover

Figure 2. Incorrect pocket cover


Ships that have defective inherently buoyant life preservers shall take them out of service immediately and submit a quality deficiency report (QDR).   NAVSEA 05P5 is working with Defense General Supply Center to remove the remainder of the defective life preservers from the supply system.