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Inherently Buoyant Life Preserver Tip 006
Supply Availability Update

Due to procurement issues, the availability of the Inherently Buoyant Life Preservers in the supply system are temporarily in short supply.  In the interim, ships can contact Coleman/Stearns Inc at 316-832-8765 or e-mail Jeffrey.Gayer@coleman.com to order any of the below parts if needed in the short term:
  1.  Inherently Buoyant life preserver (vest only):  
       NSN 4220-01-485-1135 (Coleman/Stearns Part Number- I-600-0RG-NAV)


  1. Inherently Buoyant life preserver (vest with distress marker light, sea dye marker, and whistle):  NSN 4220-01-485-1138 (Coleman/Stearns Part Number - I600-ORG-NLT).  The Man Overboard Indicator is provided separately and is outfitted when ship has SHIPALT implemented to install MOBI system.



The individual accessories for the Inherently Buoyant life preserver are still readily available through the supply system and can be procured by using the following NSNs:


a.      Firefly 3 Waterbug Distress Marker Light:
 NSN 6230-01-533-6112 (Coleman/Stearns part number I920-LTE-00-NAV)

b.     Flat Whistle:        NSN 4220-01-487-2931 (Coleman/Stearns part number I001WHL-00-000)


 Sea Dye Marker:  NSN 6850-00-270-9986