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Inherently Buoyant Life Preserver Tip 001
Commercial Inherently Buoyant Life Preserver

 The commercial inherently buoyant life preserver made by Coleman/Stearns Inc. can be purchased as a complete unit with accessories (NSN 4220-01-485-1138- Figure 1), or as a life preserver without accessories (NSN 4220-01-485-1135). It replaces the MIL-SPEC inherently buoyant life preserver (NSN 4220-00-200-0538-figure 2).  Existing ships should transition to the commercial inherently buoyant life preserver.  New construction ships should order the commercial inherently buoyant life preserver.   See AELs 2-330014171,   2-330014172, 2-330013101 and NSTM Chapter 077 for additional information. Refer to Maintenance Index Page (MIP) 5832/015 for maintenance requirements.  It can be used in any shipboard evolution except for flight deck operations.


                                                         Figure 1


                                                    Figure 2

Complete Inherently Buoyant life preserver with accessories –

NSN 4220-01-485-1138
Part Number I600ORG-00-NLT
USCG Approved Type I personal flotation device with Distress Marker Light, whistle, sea dye marker, and Man Overboard Indicator.

Inherently Buoyant life preserver without accessories –

NSN 4220-01-485-1135
Part Number I600ORG-00-NAV
USCG Approved Type I personal flotation device only.

COLORS: Orange (ORG)

SIZES: Adult Universal (over 90 lbs/41 kgs) - Chest Size: 30” to 52”

BUOYANCY: Required: 22 lbs (Designed: 25 lbs)

SHELL MATERIAL: 100% Nylon Oxford

FOAM: 100% closed cell PVC/Nitrile