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DC PPE Tip 001

DCRS Dress out Guide (Updated 4 May 2013)


Damage Control Repair Station Position Chart: The chart is available for down loading by clicking on the image and can be printed to 81/2 x 11 or 11x17 paper. It can be laminated and posted as a quick reference in the DC Repair station.


Damage Control Repair Station Position Chart

The index Below Provides additional information for the individuals on the Chart. It provides front and side profile views of the correct wearing of DCRS personal protective clothing.  

Damage Control Repair Station Position
Repair Party Leader
Phone Talker
Repair Electrician
Investigator New Helmet
Scene Leader
Team Leader Fire
Accessman/Overhaul Fire
Boundaryman Fire/Smoke
Smoke Control/Removal
Boundaryman Flooding 
Dewatering/P-100 Operator
Pipe Patching
Hull Patching/Plugging
Stretcher Bearers/First Aid
Utility man