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Breathing Air Reducing Station (BARS)


The Breathing Air Reducing Station (BARS) is a portable air reducing station that is completely self-contained in a hard shell carrying case. The BARS is used to recharge the Immediately Dangerous to Life and Health (IDLH) Supplied Air Respirator with Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SAR/SCBA) back-up air cylinders and the Supplemental Emergency Egress Device (SEED) bottles. The Technical Manual number is S5100-AK-MMA-010.

The BARS consists of a charging hose assembly, a charging adapter and a mounting bracket used in recharging SEED bottles, and a panel assembly containing a regulator, relief valve, inlet and outlet pressure gauges, and high pressure (HP) inlet and outlet ports.

The HP air supply is provided by an external source, such as Breathing Air Compressor (BAC), which connects to the BARS HP inlet connection on the lower left-hand side of the panel assembly. As HP air enters the station, it is manually regulated to 3,000 ± 50 pounds per square inch gauge (psig) and charges the SCBA cylinders at a rate of 12.2 standard cubic feet per minute (scfm) and SEED bottles at a rate of 2.0 scfm.


The BARS consists of the following major components:

  • Outlet Pressure Gauge: The outlet pressure gauge indicates the pressure of HP air available for charging (0-5,000 psig)

  • Inlet Pressure Gauge: The inlet pressure gauge indicates the pressure of HP air delivered by external air supply (0-5,000 psig)

  • Regulator: The regulator reduces HP air from a maximum of 5,000 psig to 3,000 ± 50 psig for charging.

  • HP In/Out Port: The HP inlet/outlet ports permits connection of an HP air supply such as the Breathing Air Compressor (BAC) and connection of BARS hose assembly respectively.

  • Hose Assembly: The hose assembly delivers HP air from the panel assembly to the SAR/SCBA or SEED.

    • Shutoff Knob: The shutoff knob on the isolation/bleed valve temporarily stops the flow of air so that cylinders or bottles can be changed out without loss of BARS pressure.

    • Bleed Handle: The bleed handle vents excess air from the connection prior to change-out.

Image of Breathing Air Reducing Station (BARS), indicating operation instruction, outlet pressure gauge, seeds mounting bracket, BARS hose assembly (with shutoff knob and bleed handle), HP air outlet, HP air inlet (breathing air only), BARS regulator, and inlet pressure gauge


























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