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Aircraft Firefighting/Rescue Protective Clothing


Aircraft firefighting/rescue protective clothing (also known as the proximity suit), better known as "silvers/silver bunker suit" is a fire suit designed to protect a firefighter from high radiant fire loads, such as those produced by JP fuels or other bulk flammable fuels. They are worn for flightline/flight deck firefighting. They are currently manufactured from vacuum deposited aluminized materials that reflect the high radiant loads produced by the fire. The suits in the Navy are certified to meet the National Fire Protection Association Standard NFPA 1976, Standard on Protective Ensemble for Proximity Fire Fighting.

Aircraft firefighting/rescue protective clothing is a prime safety consideration for personnel engaged in firefighting and rescue work. Metalized protective clothing offers a means of providing protection to firefighters because of its high percentage of reflectivity to radiant heat. Aluminized proximity fabrics have been adopted for use in the Navy mishap/rescue program. It is important to point out that these garments are not classified as entry suits, but are known as proximity clothing to be worn with firefighter knee-length boots that have safety toes and soles.

Firefighters assigned ARFF duties shall be provided with a complete set of protective clothing that meets appropriate NFPA standards. A complete set of protective clothing includes trousers, coat, gloves, aviator flight gloves, flash hood (sock) and proximity helmet or hood and boots.

Firefighter’s station/work uniforms shall comply with DODI 6055.6.

Aircraft firefighting/rescue protective clothing consists of the following items:

Image of Proximity Glove linking to description Image map of aircraft firefighting/rescue protective clothing

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