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Damage Control Publications: enhanced Shipboard Training Enhancement Program (eSTEP) CD-ROM

There are two ways to order eSTEP. One way is to use your NKO account to access the new eSTEP order form or you can simply use the attached form that has the available courses. After filling out the form, follow the instruction on how to send it. CNE will process the order the next day after it was received.

POC for more information about eSTEP CD courses

FCC(SW) Anthony J. Baldwin
KM Community Leader (Mechanical)
Center for Naval Engineering
1534 Piersey St.
Norfolk, Va. 23511-2612
(757) 444-5332 x3905

Available Courses

Note: Disc numbers 6, 7, 13, 14, 15, and 16 do not contain engineering related courses; therefore, they have been omitted from the form linked above. If you are looking for surface combat related courses, contact the Center for Surace Combat Systems on NKO.

Disc # Course Description
1. Damage Control Petty Officer (A-495-0400)
Large Pulper Operation & Maintenance (A-690-0001/0004)
Small Pulper Operation & Maintenance (A-690-0002/0005)
2. Plastic Waste Processor, Commercial (Op A-690-0003; Maintenance A-690-0007)
Plastic Waste Processor, MIL SPEC (Op A-690-0006; Maint A-690-0008)
3. Sewage Collection Holding & Transfer (A-652-2141)
4. Shipboard Supplemental Emergency Egress Device (SEED) Management and Maintenance Training (A-495-0002/0003)
5. General Purpose Electronic Test Equipment (A-670-0041)
8. Engineering Fundamentals (A-495-0020)
9. P-100 Portable Pump Unit (A-495-0004)
Solid Waste Shredder (Op A-690-0010; Maint A-690-0009)
10. Halon Systems Readiness (A-495-0005)
CO2 Fixed Flooding Systems (A-495-0006)
11. Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus – Breathing Air Charging Testing (A-495-0007)
Breathing Air Charging System (A-495-0039)
Breathing Air Charging System Operation (A-495-0008)
12. Qualification Study Package for Damage Control
17. CBR-D Unit 1 – Weapons of Mass Destruction (A-495-0424)
CBR-D Unit 2 – Personal and Collective Protection (A-495-0425)
18. CBR-D Unit 3 – CBR Detection Equipment (A-495-0427)
CBR-D Unit 4 – CBR Survey Monitoring (A-495-0428)
19. CBR-D Unit 5 – CBR Hazard Management (A-495-0429)
CBR-D Unit 6 – CBR Decontamination (A-495-0430)
20. Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus – Scott Air Pack Operations (A-495-0012)