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maritime DC & PPE Information Center

Damage Control Publications: Other

  • General Specifications for Overhaul of Surface Ships
  • Integrated Logistics Support Plan, Revision 1, for the Management of the Firefighter's Breathing Apparatus (FFBA) Acquisition Category (ACAT) IVM Production & Deployment, Phase III Dated 5 July 1996
  • 3M US Navy Shipboard Damage Control/Photoluminescent Label Catalog Dated 1 May 96 (Order from Manufacturer)
  • Military Specification MIL-S-901D (Navy), Requirements for Shipboard Machinery, Equipment, and Systems (PDF File - 3,855 KB)
  • MSC Damage Control Manual, COMSCINST 3541.5D
  • NAVSEA OP 4, Ammunition and Explosives Safety Afloat, Revision 7, Dated 15 Jan 2003 (Distribution of C)
    Requests for copies should be forwarded to: Director, Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC), Indian head Division Detachment Earle, Naval Packaging, Handling, Storage and Transportation (PHST) Center, Code 71, 201 Highway 34 South, Colts Neck, NJ 07722-5023
  • Scott Installation and Maintenance Instructions, Auxiliary Exhalation Valve Assembly Kit 29513-01 (PDF File - 203 KB | View Text Description)
  • Ship Design Standard (SDS) 077-1 Safety Design Criteria for Stowage Areas Containing Hazardous Materials on Surface Ships Dated 1 October 2002. This supercedes SDS 077-1 dated 22 June 1994.
  • Treatment of Chemical Agent Casualties and Conventional Chemical Injuries, NAVMED P-5041