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Damage Control Publications: Navy Warfare Electronic Library (NWEL)

The Navy Warfare Electronic Library (NWEL) is a product of the Navy Warfare Development Command. It contains Naval Doctrine Publications (NDPs), Navy Warfare Publications (NWPs), Navy Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (NTTPs), Navy Tactical Reference Publications (NTRPs), Fleet Exercise Publications (FXPs), EXTAC1000 series, Multinational Manuals, selected TACMEMOs, selected Operations and Tactics Guides (OTGs), and selected Air Standardization Coordinating Committee (ASCC) documents. NWEL publications are distributed in PDF format and can be gotten from NWDC SIPRNET website (https://ndls.nwdc.navy.mil). CDs are sent to the ship's CIC Officer and are stowed in combat.

Commands requiring technical assistance or information should contact the Navy Warfare Development Command NWEL coordinator at nwdc_nrfk_fleetpubs@navy.mil or 757-341-4339 or DSN 948-1856. For distribution or requirement issues, contact the Distribution Division at the same address or (401) 841-6412 or DSN 341-4339. Coast Guard activities should contact their Immediate Superior In Command for technical assistance, information, or distribution concerns.

Publications of use for the Damage Control Library are listed below and are not downloadable through this website because of distribution restrictions:

  • NWP 10-1-10, Casualty Reporting
  • NWP 3-02.1, Ship To Shore Movement
  • NTTP 3-20.31/CGTTP 3-20.31, Surface Ship Survivability Edition Dated June 2012 (NSN 0411LP1136422)

Additionally some of the NSTMs have a dual designation as NTTP, providing a second tier to NTTP 3-20.31.

  • NTTP 3-20.31.79, NSTM Chapter 079, Volume 2, Practical Damage Control
  • NTTP 3-20.31.470, NSTM Chapter 470, Shipboard Biological Warfare/Chemical Warfare Defense and Countermeasures
  • NTTP 3-20.31.555, NSTM Chapter 555, Volume 1, Surface Ship Firefighting