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maritime DC & PPE Information Center


Logistics Information References


This area provides a list of commonly used websites and databases to research various logistics issues. Some of the sites will require a user ID and password or a PKI certificate.


AEL/APL Request from NAVICP https://nicppla11.fmso.navy.mil

A website for requesting AELs/APLs, users submit request with results returned the following workday via EMAIL as a PDF attachment. The requestor must provide following information: Name, Email Address, Phone Number, Activity, and AEL/APL #.


BINCS https://www.bpn.gov/bincs/begin_search.asp

Business Identification Number Cross Reference System is an all-in-one search engine.  You can search by CAGE Code, DUNS Number, Company Name, Phone Number, SIC/State, Company/State, SIC, JCP Certification number and ZIP Code.                                              


CDMD-OA  http://www.cdmd.navy.mil/

The Configuration Data Managers Database - Open Architecture tracks the status and maintenance of naval equipment and their related logistics items (drawings, manuals, etc.) on ships and naval activities around the world.


OARS http://www.oars.navsea.navy.mil

Provides access to Ship’s Material and Maintenance Management (3-M) Data (Completed maintenance, Deferred maintenance, Work requests from the ships to the Intermediate Maintenance Activities (IMAs) or depots, Repair parts, Configuration data, Decommissioned data, Reactivated ships Consolidated Ship Maintenance Plans (CSMPs), and IMA data).


NAVICP Asset Visibility https://nicppla11.fmso.navy.mil

Access to NAVY managed parts inventory with associated cost, demand data, repair cost and turnaround data.


FIMARS https://www.atav.navy.mil/fimars/logonwb2.ht

Force Inventory Management Analysis Reporting allows research of material availability, requisition history and CASREP receipts.


Naval Vessel Register http://www.nvr.navy.mil/

Access to complete history and status of all US Navy ships.


NDE https://www.nde.navy.mil/

The Navy Data Environment (NDE) is a centralized database and web-based application used to manage Navy Modernization, Maintenance, Logistics, and Workload & Performance.   NDE is for UNCLASSIFIED use only.


DOD EMALL https://emall6.prod.dodonline.net/main/

DOD EMALL is a full service eCommerce site which strives to be the single entry point for purchasers to find and acquire off-the-shelf, finished goods and services from the commercial marketplace and government sources


RRAM https://rram.navsup.navy.mil/ram/

Real-time Reutilization Asset Management (RRAM) provides on-line, real time, Total Asset Visibility (TAV) of both residual/excess material and selected material (ex. Sponsor Owned Material).  RRAM efficiently captures demand data for residual material currently residing in system-wide end-use inventories.  It increases asset visibility of material available (currently Navy and DLA), provides a mechanism for automated requisitioning of residual assets and ensures proper replenishment decisions by offsetting potential buys



IDE https://www.icemakr.com/PEOShips/ProjectLink/netmarkets/jsp/netmarkets/view.jsp

SEA 21 (formerly PEO Ships) Integrated Data Environment is used to capture, report and manage program actions and correspondence in assigned ships.


CAGE http://www.dlis.dla.mil/cage_welcome.asp

Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE) – This website is the Defense Logistics Information Service (DLIS) lookup service of CAGE Code system via the World Wide Web. DLIS is the only source for the assignment/maintenance of CAGE Codes.  The data contained therein is for informational purposes only.


FMP Document Library http://www.fmp.navy.mil/

This website includes the One Book which is the Navy guidance for all ship modernizations, including responsibilities of activities and general timing of events.


RMMCO Check In/Check Out https://rmmco.navy.mil/

Regional Maintenance Management Check-in/Check-out (RMMCO) website is used to report AIT check-in to and check-out from a ship at the Regional Maintenance Center (RMC).  RMMCO is allegedly the gatekeeper that ensures all Alteration Installation Teams (AITs) when performing installation have the required ILS products.


PEO SHIPS Homepage http://www.navsea.navy.mil/

Go through the NAVSEA website to get to PEO Ships and SEA 21).


When All Else Bears No Fruit  http://logtool.net/html/03USN_1identify.php

This website lists practically every website a Supply Officer or Logistician will ever need.