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GFE Tip 009
GFE and Tank Information within DCAMS

Additional features within the Damage Control Action Management Software (DCAMS) program allow the user to use the software as a safety management application for the GFE and Fire Marshal to map and track the work around the ship. It provides the user a toolbar with various GFE icons that have individual dialog boxes and a Tank / Void radio button within the space information screens that are designed to also be used by various watch standing and repair party personnel. Typical users include Gas Free Engineering Program personnel, Repair Locker Plotters, Repair Locker Leaders / Officers, EDO, IEM, Sounding and Security, EOOW, CHENG, and Fueling Officer.

So what will these icons and information screens provide me?

DCAMS allows users to place a GFE icon or icons (13 total to select from) into a space. Each icon has a specific information screen which is accessed by double left clicking the icon with the selector or left click then right click then select information. These information screens allow the user to place data into preplaced information boxes or to insert free text.

Icon for Gas Free Engineering Icon for Ships Force Icon for Contractors Icon for Field Activity Icon for Immediately Dangerous to Life and Health Icon for Ventilation Icon for HAZMAT Icon for Ships Force Icon for Hot Work Icon for Cold Work Icon for Warning Icon for Stop Icon for Area Secure

Click on an icon above to view description.

So how will this help me?

Let’s say you were the EDO inport and you have contractors, RSG personnel and ships force conducting work onboard. How is this normally tracked? How much information do we gather compared to how much would we like to have available? What information will the CHENG be asking during morning turnover or prior to 8 o’clock reports? With DCAMS it’s easy so let’s take a look.

There are contractors working in MER1. The information could look like this:

Screenshot of Contractors in Compartment

Now let’s look at the RSG work being accomplished.

Screenshot of Field Activity in Compartment

Now Ship’s Force work.

Screenshot of Ships Force in Compartment

Amplifying information is also available for Tanks and Voids which consists of:

  1. General Information
  2. Access
  3. Piping
  4. GFE
  5. Air Change
  6. Condition

Screenshot of Tank and Void Information for Compartment

Screenshot of Tank and Void Information for Compartment

Each tab is available for ship’s force to enter data pertaining to each specific field or tab.

DCAMS is more than just a tactical tool used while combating a casualty. It can and will assist you in everyday informational roles. Now that this is stated why cant other departments use the program to assist their needs?