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GFE Tip 003
Afloat Gas Free Engineering References, Publications and Websites

This area is a collection of the various references to assist with the Afloat Gas Free Engineering Program not only within the lifelines of the ship but also when the ship cycles through availabilities. References that have a distribution statement of A on them are linked for unlimited distribution. Reference with restricted Distribution statements will only have title revision and date.

  • NAVAL SHIPS' TECHNICAL MANUAL Chapter 074 Volume 3 Gas Free Engineering Rev. 06, Dated 1 August 2011, S9086-CH-STM-030 (PDF)
  • Joint Fleet Maintenance Manual (JFFM), COMFLTFORCOMINST 4790.3, Revision A, Change 7 (PDF File - 115 KB)
    The JFFM Home Page is www.submepp.navy.mil/jfmm/index.htm. An HTM version of this publication is available there.
    • JFFM Volume IV, Chapter 25 defines Fleet Gas Free Engineering (GFE) inspection policy.
    • JFFM Volume II, Part I, Chapter 2 explains the role of the Naval Supervising Authority (NSA) and Lead Maintenance Activity (LMA)
  • Naval Maritime Confined Space Program, S6470-AA-SAF-010 Revision 4, Dated 15 January 2016 (PDF File - 2MB)
  • Navy Occupational Safety and Health (NAVOSH) Program Manual http://www.safetycenter.navy.mil/
  • OSHA 29 CFR 1915 - Confined and Enclosed Spaces and Other Dangerous Atmospheres in Shipyard Employment
  • OPNAVINST 5100.19E - Navy Safety and Occupational Health (SOH) Program Manual for Forces Afloat http://www.safetycenter.navy.mil/
  • OPNAVINST 5100.23 - Navy Occupational Safety and Health (NAVOSH) Program Manual
  • Tag-out Users Manual, S0400-AD-URM-010/TUM, Revision 2, Dated September 2006 (PDF File - 875 KB)

The websites listed below are an excellent source for additional overall knowledge for ashore and afloat gas free engineering applications of confines spaces whether ashore, afloat or pier side.