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gas free engineer-fire marshal

GFE Tip 012: Afloat Gas Free Engineering Visual Management Tool

The Afloat Gas Free Engineering Visual Management Tool is a great way to show where work is planned or being accomplished using PowerPoint templates with click and drop Icons to create a visual representation for Afloat GFE situations. We started with the GFE icons in DCAMS/DCTMS and added additional icons for personnel, situations and cut-aways. You can either download the entire Afloat Gas Free Engineering Visual Management Tool.ppt or you can download it in four (4) parts for faster/easier download. (PDF Version)

GFE Part I.ppt: The icons for personnel (DCAMS and generic),DCAMS GFE warning placards, equipment, and generic compartments. (PDF Version)

GFE Part II.ppt: The Multiple Deck compartments with miniature bullseyes that can be changed to identify any spaces. (PDF Version)

GFE Part III.ppt: Generic hulls, DCAMS views using the GFE Icons. (PDF Version)

GFE Part IV.ppt: Shadwell side view, Multiple Deck compartments with Forward and Aft open for box method. (PDF Version)

The presentations provide a visual representation of a generic ship that can be tailored to represent any ship.  Views can be multiple decks for an "Above" and "Below" aspect for hot work, fire watches, boundaries, and Gas Free operations.  Other views allow a peak at compartments behind and/or in front of the selected compartment for the complete "Box" method plotting.

Presentation have sample personnel, bullseyes, equipment, and signs already inserted in the slide to show how they can be used.  Any and all of the icons placed over the compartment views can be deleted or moved as required.  If other personnel, equipment, or signs are required, a copy can be made from Part I and then pasted into the deck view. To Copy an Icon "Right Click" the icon and select "Copy".  Then go to the page the icon is to be placed, "Right Click" again and select "Paste".  This will put an exact copy of the icon selected into the slide.

Since the presentations use Microsoft PowerPoint the personnel, equipment, and signs are standard jpg format and can be manipulate in a variety of fashions in PowerPoint to achieve the end result.

Ships can also create new views using pictures already onboard or ship specific.  A detailed deck plan view of a main space can be inserted into the presentation and then personnel, equipment, and/or signs can be placed in the slide.