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The primary aim of Damage Control Training is to insure readiness of the ship's personnel to accomplish the three basic objectives of Damage Control:

1. To take all practicable preventive preliminary measures before damage occurs. This includes: maintenance of watertight integrity and fumetight integrity, provision of reserve buoyancy and stability, removal of fire hazards, and upkeep and distribution of emergency equipment for rapid response. 


2. To minimize and localize damage by such measures as control of flooding, preservation of stability and buoyancy, combating fires, smoke, toxic gases, electrical loss and first-aid treatment of personnel casualties.


3. To accomplish, as quickly as possible, emergency repairs after the occurrence of damage that stabilize the ship, by measures such as regaining safe margin of stability and buoyancy, supplying of electrical power, internal/external communications, repairs to systems and structure, supplying casualty power, manning of essential equipment and decontamination.