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 Portable Vanaxial Fan (Forsubmarine use)

NSN 4140-00-267-0967

(Red Devil Blower) 




The portable vaneaxial fan, developed to provide emergency ventilation. Designed to meet the extremely strict specifications of Mil-V-24761(ships), the Red Devil has been sold under the Blowers, Inc. name (a subsidiary of Clements National) since 1945. Anyone who has served aboard a U.S. Naval vessel is familiar with the Red Devil, which is used on every ship in the U.S. Navy, even the latest most sophisticated submarines. 1100 CFM Free Flow Air Volume, 630 CFM Air Flow at 2.50" Static Pressure, 4.7 Average Amp Draw.

  • Designed to meet military specifications for operation in Class 1 Group D atmospheres which contain gasoline, petroleum, naptha, alcohol, acetone, lacquer, solvent vapors, and natural gas.
  • The unit is shipped complete, ready to use, with an explosion proof switch box and 50� power cord complete with standard plug.
  • The Inlet Bell and Outlet Transition are reversible to allow the fan to be used as either a blower or exhauster.
  • Outlet fitting is designed to accept the Standard Navy 8" diameter duct connectors. 8" dia. x 15� duct is also available from Blowers, Inc. Complete with connectors and duct carrier.



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