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Flashlights for Damage Control on Submarines


Description:  Two types of hand held flashlights for damage control are found on Submarines.  The flashlights shall either be red or orange in color to distinguish them for damage control purposes. The flashlight body shall either be painted or come in that color.  Flashlights designated for damage control shall not be used for other purposes and shall be secured by an anti-pilferage seal (NSN 5340-01-242-0583) when not in use.  They are located on the Emergency Lighting Flashlight AELs 2-880034021 to 23.  See  MRC 3SKY  under MIP 3301/100 for maintenance requirements on the flashlights. Both types use two “D” cell batteries.  NSN 6135-00-835-7210 provides a package of 12 batteries.  Only use flashlights certified to be explosion proof for at least UL Class I, Division 1, Group C & D atmospheres.  Replace flashlight when bulb burns out. The flashlights authorized for use on damage control purposes on submarines are as follows:



a.       NSN 6230-01-125-4882 (Brightstar Lighting Inc,  model 2217) . Cost: $9


This flashlight comes in an orange color from the manufacturer.



b.       NSN 6135-00-299-3035 (Fulton Industries,  model N35-2). Cost: $20 each


              This flashlight comes in a black and yellow color but can be painted red or orange. Only paint the mid body of the flashlight and not the ends


                    Unpainted                                                                    Painted






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