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Centrifugal, Portable Submersible Pump (Brass or Aluminum) (For submarine use)
NSN 4320-00-368-3186
(Pump Prtl Sbmrbl)



The submersible pump is used to provide a means of dewatering compartments and tanks aboard ship. It is powered by the 440-volt, 5-hp, 3-phase, 60-cycle, 3,450-rpm AC motor that is connected directly to a high-speed centrifugal pump. The pump is separated from the electric motor by carbon seals. It is a single centrifugal pump impeller suction type and is self priming.

This high-speed centrifugal pump delivers 140 gpm at a 70-foot static head or 180 gpm at a 50-foot static head with a maximum lift of 16 feet. The pump has 45 feet of 4-conductor type THOF-9 cable attached from the plug to the control switch box, and from the switch box to the pump it has 30 feet of type THOF-9 cable. A 50-foot by 2-inch nylon handling line is attached to the pump eyelets for lowering into tanks, voids or compartments. Aboard ship, the submersible pump can be rigged and operated in single or tandem assemblies. Rigged in tandem, the second pump can be out of the water as long as the first pump is in the water taking suction for cooling water (the second pump can be turned on when the suction line is pressurized to the second pump). With lifts greater than 50 feet, pumping static heads are required and can be rigged with 2 1/2-inch hard rubber suction hoses when the area to take suction from is too small for the pump to be lowered into.

The submersible pump body can be fabricated from either cast aluminum or bronze and is used for dewatering compartments and tanks. The bronze pump weighs 42 pounds more than the aluminum pump.

Two types of submersible pumps are available, aluminum or bronze,  The aluminum pump weighs 130 pounds with the cable, control switch box and strainer attached. The bronze pump weighs 42 pounds more than the aluminum pump. The foot valve weighs 11 pounds, the basket strainer weighs 4 3/4 pounds and the cap/handle weighs 1 pound. Approximate total weight for one aluminum pump is 146 3/4 pounds and for one bronze pump is 188 3/4 pounds.

Radial Flow: 180 gpm
Vertical Pump Operating Speed: 3,450 rpm
Total Head: 50 feet
Alternating Current: 5 hp 440 Volt





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