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maritime DC & PPE Information Center

equipment and systems



This area provides information for damage control equipment used on submarines.  Submarine PPE information is found in the PERSONNEL PROTECTION EQUIPMENT (PPE) DESCRIPTION, TIPS AND INFORMATION area.

    Chemical Lights / Index
    Connection, Wye-Gate / Index
    Coupling, Double Female / Index
    Coupling, Double Male / Index
    Coupling, Straight Reducer / Index
    Coupling, Straight Increaser / Index
    Extinguisher, AFFF / Index
    Extinguisher CO2 / Index
    Extinguisher, PKP / Index

    Flashlight For Damage Control
    Gas Free Equipment
          Oxygen Analyzer
          Draeger Kit
          Portable Gas Indicator
    Hand Lantern, Electrical
    Hose, Fire 1 ¾ in X 50 ft / Index
    Hose, Fire 1 ½ in X 25 Ft / Index
    Hose, Fire 1 ½ in X 50 ft  / Index
    Hose, Fire 2 ½ in X 50 ft / Index
    Hose, Air Duct 8” X 15 ft / Index
    Man Overboard Bag

    Nozzle, Vari / Index
    Portable AFFF Injection Unit (PAIU)
    Portable Arc Welding Machine
    Portable Oxyacetylene Welding and Cutting Apparatus
    Portable Vanaxial Fan / Index
    Spanner Wrench / Index
    Smoke Curtain
    Submersible Pump with Double Braded rope 50 ft / Index
    Submersible Pump Strainer
    Submarine Damage Control Kits
                  Band-it Kit
                  Material Kit
                  Tool Roll Kit
      Submarine Damage Control Prop Kits
      Tension Clamp Kit