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Submarine Damage Control Drill Prop Kits


Submarine Training Kit-Virtual Tour


NAVSEA has developed and authorized standardized shipboard training aids to support the new Submarine Damage Control Plotting Symbology in NSTM 079, Volume 2. The Submarine Damage Control Training Kits provides a simple basic quick way to use the kits and also a simple way to set up drill scenarios quickly for training.

The Submarine Damage Control Prop Set consists of a Monitor Kit, a Flag Kit, a Light Kit, and a Misc. Kit. Afloat Training Group (ATG) Mayport first introduced the Shipboard Flag Training Set. Mayport Florida Naval Station issues kits to all Surface ships in the area. The kits were then issued at ATG Norfolk and through the CNSL and CNAL TYPE commanders. The flags used in the kits for the Surface Navy uses symbology as shown below which is slightly different from what is being used by the Submarine Force. The flags used in the Submarine Force are similar but only have a solid colored flag as shown in the pictures below.

There is currently a 4-phase approach to the Submarine Damage Control Drill Prop Kit.

  1. Initial building of the kits based on input from Submarine Base New London Engineering Department Master Chiefs. Completed.

  2. Issue (1) kit to a Submarine to be used during an inspection by an outside activity such as an Operational Reactor Safeguards Exam or Tactical Readiness Exam. Completed.

  3. Collect input from both the test platform and the outside inspection activity and develop the initial “Standardized” Drill Prop kit. Completed.

    1. Develop NSN’s for the contents within the kits and makes the kits APL supported by the Navy stock system.

  4. Conduct a one time initial issue of the kits to all US Navy Submarines. Currently issuing kits to supply Submarine Base New London Submarines.

The General Goals of the Damage Control Casualty Flag Training Set

  • Introduce new Damage Control symbology to the Submarine Force

  • Standardize DC training props throughout the Submarine Force

  • Reduce workload on Submarine Drill teams reducing the time spent:

    • Planning and setting up drills

    • Training and retraining the crew on the meaning and purpose of each training drill prop

    • Developing own props and relearning training props from command to command

  • Train crewmembers on system color-coding and future Advanced Damage Control Software Systems Symbology

  • Reduce verbal disclosure.

Submarine Shipboard Drill Prop/Flag Training Set

Simplified Damage ICONS IAW NSTM CHAP 079 VOL2 and DCAMS symbology
Visual shipboard casualty damage presentation for training


Part number-SUBMARINE









(24) Drill Monitor Red Hats

(6) Red rope lights

(25) Green Flags

(3) 50-ft Air hoses w/regulators

Clear Velcro (1 roll)

(1) Green rope Light

(25) White Flags

(100) Meter pointer indicators

(6) Calculators

(2) 25-ft 3-prong extension cords

(30) Black Flags

(8) Pump Switch Covers


(3) Red Flashing mini lights w/magnetic backs

(15) Yellow Flags

(6) Flood Control Levers

(10) Digital Meter Covers

(25) Black Slip on Light Covers

(10) Blue Flags

(25) Loli-pop thermometer Covers. With draw string Storage bag

(8) Hanging Flags

(1) Blue bilge water level indicator

(5) Waving Flags

(3) Clamps for bilge level indicators

(25) Various Bungee Cords

(1) Fertilizer style spray bottle

(100) Shower Hanging hooks

(1) Blue water level Indicators

(2) Green water level Indicators


Submarine Shipboard Drill Kit Specifics

Monitor Kit:

  • (24) Red drill monitor hats will be used to identify drill team members.

  • (4) Storage bags are provided for the drill team to transport drill props to the scene without pre-alerting the drill to crewmembers.

  • (1) Large roll of clear Velcro is provided in kit to aid in posting drill props to gage boards and panels.

  • (6) Calculators are provided to simulate changes in various parameters to meters, gages, and analyzing equipment.

  • (1) Sounds of Damage Control CD is provided to aid in making shipboard drills realistic. The following sounds can be used to assist in submarine drill simulation: Close aboard explosions, Class “A”, “B”, and “C” Fires, Flooding, Seawater leaks, and High Pressure system ruptures.

  • (10) Digital meter covers are added to assist in simulated meter readouts. (these will have to marked by the ship depending on which meter they are simulating)

Image of Monitor Kit

Light Kit:

  • (6) Red rope lights are used to simulate specific locations of fire in a component or space.

  • (1) Green rope light is used to simulate a specific location of a flooding in an affected space.

  • (2) 25ft electrical extension cords are provided to utilize rope lights in hard to reach areas not accessible to electrical receptacles.

  • (3) Red flashing mini-lights used for identifying specific locations of fires to a components are suited with magnetic backs to decrease drill prop setup time.

  • (25) Black slip on light covers are provided to aid in simulating heavy black smoke in a space or indicate loss of lighting.

Notes: Rope lights are provided with speed resistors which require a small screw driver to make speed adjustments.

Image of Light Kit

Flag Kit:

  • (25) Green flags are provided to simulate seawater in a space from flooding or seawater leaks.

  • (25) White flags are provided to simulate steam during a steam line rupture drill.

  • (30) Black flags are provided to simulate heavy black smoke during fire drills.

  • (15) Yellow flags are provided to simulate oil from oil and hydraulic system ruptures

  • (10) Blue flags are provided to simulate freshwater system leaks in spaces or components.

  • (8) Hanging flags are provided to simulate smoke and steam.

  • (5) Waving flags are provided to give the drill team the capability to push back advancing damage control efforts with increasing heat from fire or steam.

  • (25) Various sized bungee cords are provided to hang flags and light covers.

  • (100) Shower hanging hooks are used to hang flags and various drill props.

  • (1) Blue water level indicator used to simulate bilge levels increasing from freshwater leaks.

  • (2) Green water level indicators used to simulate increasing bilge levels from flooding or seawater leaks.

Image of Flag Kit

Misc. Kit:

  • (3) 50ft Air hoses with regulators are provided to assist in simulating flooding or high-pressure system ruptures in a space.

  • (100) Meter pointer indicators are provided to simulate system gage pressures and temperatures.

  • (8) Pump switch covers are provided to simulate switch operation in systems that are vital to ship operation.

  • (6) Flood control levers are provided to simulate actuating flood control systems resulting in little affect to ship control and operation.

  • (25) Loli-pop Thermometer covers to simulate changes in system temperatures. These are provided with a drawstring storage bag.

  • (3) Clamps are provided to assist in hanging bilge level indicators and various drill props.

Image of Misc. Kit