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maritime DC & PPE Information Center
SECTION ONE -SPACE AND AREA STOWAGE LAYOUT (pics, sketches and drawings) 
Damage Control Spaces
  • DCC (Damage Control Central)
  • SDCC (Secondary Damage Control Central)
  • DCRS (Damage Control Repair Stations)
  • DCREL (Damage Control Reentry Locker)
  • DCUPS (Damage Control Unit Patrol Station)
  • DCUL (Damage Control Unit Locker)
  • Battle Dressing Stations
  • Crash and Rescue Locker
  • Crash and Salvage Locker
  • DC Equipment Storeroom
  • DC Classrooms
  • DC Work Shop
  • DCPO Shop
  • Fire Marshal Office
  • Filter Cleaning  
Miscellaneous Spaces
  • Ballast Control
  • General Workshop  
  • PPE Spaces 
  • CBR-IPE Storeroom
  • Tool Issue